About Us


Tycoon Acres Limited is a social entrepreneurial venture focused on the provision of housing and eradication of slum settlements in emerging urban communities and sub-urban peripherals in Africa.

We build communities and create housing developments in select urban and sub-urban African cities that fit into the company’s investment profile, utilizing innovative and affordable design and construction templates for residential and commercial developments.

Tycoon Acres contributes towards provision of office/commercial spaces for emerging businesses and aspires to meeting housing needs for the emerging working class within the investment African cities.

From our Lagos home market we are set to diversify into other African cities. Tycoon Acres is not merely about making money from business, it is about meeting social needs through the utilization of innovative templates for self-sustainable and uniquely planned residential and commercial housing communities across the class segments in urban and particularly sub urban peripherals of profiled African cities, towards meeting housing needs for the emerging working and consumer class.

An investment unit (managed by a subsidiary, Bryon & Goldman) assists the working class, particularly salary earners to create residual wealth towards financial independence by building property portfolio in partnership/cooperative and investment schemes, thus contributing to wealth growth and entrepreneurship development within and beyond the host communities.

The company carries out construction, delivery and management of projects and infrastructure.

Our Goals

  1. Developing residential, service, business and commercial hubs in sub urban locations or urban peripherals, proximate to the centre to help government traditional efforts to diffuse crowd from the city centre.
  2. Utilising innovative template in the provision of affordable housing within the urban centres and the peripherals of proximate suburban locations towards the eradication of slum settlements in African cities and upscaling the standards of living.
  3. Partnering with Government on infrastructure planning and delivery.


In line with our mission of social entrepreneurship, we teamed up with core partners Empowering African Women to establish a scheme for training and empowering African women in various vocational skills, trades, ventures businesses and skills acquisition.